Last Post?

Technically this is my last blog post, at least for my English class. Now, I am going to reflect about how was the experience to have a post during this summer semester. I am sure that will be interesting for me. So, let’s go.

First, I can say that having a blog was interesting, and a fun way to practice my writing. It is easier to make a blog post than an essay, for sure. When you are writing a blog post you can be more informal but at the same time improving your writing, learning new words, and thinking about a particular moment of your life. For example, many times I was using a word, but I felt I could change that particular world for a different one because I was using it a lot, so I would go online and search for a synonym. This was one of the things that the blog helped me with. I was able to learn different words just because I was searching for a synonym.

Second, having a blog made me write regularly, every two weeks to be more specific, and that made me keep writing, no matter what I was writing, and when you are writing you are improving, even if it is just about a day in your life. It is interesting how writing can be relaxing sometimes. For example, if you had a bad day or an argument with someone, and you just do not want to talk with anyone, get a paper and write your feeling, why you are feeling that way and how you can get better. This make you feel better, and also the reason you are feeling in bad way, and I say that for my own experience.

Finally, the big question is if I am going to keep the blog, and honestly I still do not know. I believe that helped me in many ways, and it would be interesting to keep it, maybe I will try to keep posting every once in a while and see how it goes. I am not giving goodbye or saying that I will come back here to post again, I guess we will find out together!

Let’s enjoy our last week of summer semester! 🙂


Summer (:

Summer is coming up, favorite season for many people, others, not so much. I would say, I’m in the others group, it’s not that I don’t like summer, however, being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I lived during summer for my entire life, and for me, it is not that exciting anymore. Of course, during summer we have a lot more activities to do, things happening all the time, all day, everywhere, and it is amazing just to have the opportunity to meet with your friends and have fun. But let’s talk about the sun. For the first week is good, you feel that it is finally not so cold anymore and you can enjoy the amazing day outside. Although, after a week you become weak because it is too hot and you sweat too much.

 Being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro made me love and hate summer at the same time. Personally, summer is excellent if you can go to the pool or the beach with your family and friends, and enjoy an amazing day, but not every summer you can have the luxury to do it every day. For example, this summer I am here, studying and taking the next step for my career, and I’m really glad and grateful to have this opportunity, but all I wanted right now was to be in the pool. What I can do however is eat ice cream and do homework. Yet not complaining! 🙂 

Let the summer begin!