The day I almost lost my life

Today I’m going to tell about one of the most scary and yet important day of my life.

It all started on my way to the beach with my family, we were all happy, walking to the beach. As soon as we got there, a big storm started. The ocean was dark with big waves. My cousins and I, just starting to learn how to surf decided to go in, because the waves was looking good and there was a lot of surfers inside.

All of us having fun, playing and enjoying the moment, not caring about how dangerous the ocean was. At one point, I noticed that my cousins and the others surfers was getting too far away from me, and I started trying to swim back to the sand. The more I swam, more far I would get from the sand. I started to get desperate because I couldn’t see the sand or my family anymore. The only think I could see was the big waves coming, breaking on my head and putting me down, one after another.

After a few minutes, a surfer came and started trying to help me, but we both got stuck, without going any further. Instead, we were getting even more distant. I started crying, but the boy kept talking with me and calming me down.

Time passing by, both of us were getting scared and nervous, when we finally saw two lifeguards coming our direction with their red float. One of them came in my direction, gave me the float and started pulling me back to the sand.

When I started seeing the sand again, I could see my family screaming and crying. When I finally putted my feet on the ground all of them came to me, hugging me and being thankful that I was fine.

After this scary experience I still love the ocean, and I still go to the beach every time I can, but I learned to respect the limits and to respect the ocean. I am glad that I had amazing people to help me, without them, I would not be here today.


Isabella Silveira