Today I want talk about animals and the pets I had in the past and the ones I have now. Let’s start by saying that my love for animals is immense since I was a kid, and that’s one of the reason I am vegetarian today.

Back when I was 10 years old, I couldn’t have any pets. My mom always thought I would not be able to take care of them by myself and my grandmother, who lived downstairs from us never liked them. The only “pet” my sister and I were allowed to have was a fish, since it’s one of the easiest ones to take care of. However, I would always think how unfair is for the fish to be locked in a tank, so after the first one, I told her I didn’t want fishes anymore.

After a few years I got my first cockatiel. His name was Deco, and until today I love him. He would go everywhere with me, park, gym, doctors appointment, he was always there. One year after, he got sick with a incurable disease.  Just a few monthsm later he passed away. He was my first true pet, and I will never forget howg amazing he was. This is him:


Moving on to my next and current pet. Truman, a stubborn but adorable English bulldog. I still remember the first time he walked into my door, he was just 10 weeks, still a baby. He was so confuse and suspicious. Good memories! Now he is all grown up, confident, huge and lovely! Below, his mad, yet adorable face!:)

Treat animals right and have a great weekend! 


One thought on “Pets!

  1. Truman and Deco both sound like wonderful pets. It is so cool to hear about the close relationship with your cockatiel; none of my friends have pet birds, so I never thought about taking one everywhere! I am sorry to hear that Deco passed away.

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