Last Post?

Technically this is my last blog post, at least for my English class. Now, I am going to reflect about how was the experience to have a post during this summer semester. I am sure that will be interesting for me. So, let’s go.

First, I can say that having a blog was interesting, and a fun way to practice my writing. It is easier to make a blog post than an essay, for sure. When you are writing a blog post you can be more informal but at the same time improving your writing, learning new words, and thinking about a particular moment of your life. For example, many times I was using a word, but I felt I could change that particular world for a different one because I was using it a lot, so I would go online and search for a synonym. This was one of the things that the blog helped me with. I was able to learn different words just because I was searching for a synonym.

Second, having a blog made me write regularly, every two weeks to be more specific, and that made me keep writing, no matter what I was writing, and when you are writing you are improving, even if it is just about a day in your life. It is interesting how writing can be relaxing sometimes. For example, if you had a bad day or an argument with someone, and you just do not want to talk with anyone, get a paper and write your feeling, why you are feeling that way and how you can get better. This make you feel better, and also the reason you are feeling in bad way, and I say that for my own experience.

Finally, the big question is if I am going to keep the blog, and honestly I still do not know. I believe that helped me in many ways, and it would be interesting to keep it, maybe I will try to keep posting every once in a while and see how it goes. I am not giving goodbye or saying that I will come back here to post again, I guess we will find out together!

Let’s enjoy our last week of summer semester! 🙂



For this week’s post I am suppose to talk about my journey. How did I get where I am today? Who was part of it? Where am I going? Let me start saying, what a extensive journey! I’m still young, just 21 years old, but I can say that I saw and lived a lot of things that people older than me did not. This does not mean that I lived it all and I’m ready to stop. It is actually the opposite, I still have a lot of things to see, to live and to learn. Some people don’t even care about exploring new things, but for me, this is one of the most important things in life.
From moving to another country with no family or friends, different language, new time zone, facing difficulties alone for the first time to finally starting college, I can say that I am glad with everything I achieved and where I am today. But I could not do it all by myself, and I can thank my family for that.
Since the beginning, with my decision, my family supported me. They always knew I would be the one brave enough to move all the way to the other side of the world just to go after my dreams, and knowing that, they never tried to stop me, instead, they were there for me and helped me with everything I needed. My mom, sister and dad is a big part of my life until today, I always make sure to tell them the most important decisions and events that happens in my life, and even far away, we try to keep in touch all the time. Today we have technology, and things are easier. My family is everything to me, and no matter how far they are, they will always be with me!

This is my sister and I. She made a cardboard of me so I could be there for her birthday, and since that day, every party my family have I’m there!


This week I am suppose to talk about something I’m passionate about, and honestly I’m passionate about a lot of things! Today I decided to talk about adventures and traveling. I can talk about many things, but I think traveling and new experiences is one of the things I am most passionate about, besides my career field, of course. 

The number one reason that I love traveling is the opportunity to meet a new place that can be completely different from everything you have ever seen. Visit a different scenario that you are used to is amazing, gratifying, and certainly, an amazing experience. There is a lot of beautiful places in the world, I’m sure you can find at least one in each place you visit. You can also meet new people and different cultures. These people can be originally from the place you’re visiting or visitor. Sometimes you can get to know a culture you didn’t even know existed, what makes you add a new place to your list, also you have the opportunity to know more about other parts of the world. 

Traveling is not as hard as a lot of people think, with the right organization and planning, you can have a cheap, but rewarding trip to a different city, state, or country. Humans should enjoy more, it can be hard when you’re busy with school, work, and family, but everyone should find time to enjoy life and experience new things. 

Travel more, it’s worth it!:)


Today I want talk about animals and the pets I had in the past and the ones I have now. Let’s start by saying that my love for animals is immense since I was a kid, and that’s one of the reason I am vegetarian today.

Back when I was 10 years old, I couldn’t have any pets. My mom always thought I would not be able to take care of them by myself and my grandmother, who lived downstairs from us never liked them. The only “pet” my sister and I were allowed to have was a fish, since it’s one of the easiest ones to take care of. However, I would always think how unfair is for the fish to be locked in a tank, so after the first one, I told her I didn’t want fishes anymore.

After a few years I got my first cockatiel. His name was Deco, and until today I love him. He would go everywhere with me, park, gym, doctors appointment, he was always there. One year after, he got sick with a incurable disease.  Just a few monthsm later he passed away. He was my first true pet, and I will never forget howg amazing he was. This is him:


Moving on to my next and current pet. Truman, a stubborn but adorable English bulldog. I still remember the first time he walked into my door, he was just 10 weeks, still a baby. He was so confuse and suspicious. Good memories! Now he is all grown up, confident, huge and lovely! Below, his mad, yet adorable face!:)

Treat animals right and have a great weekend! 

Summer (:

Summer is coming up, favorite season for many people, others, not so much. I would say, I’m in the others group, it’s not that I don’t like summer, however, being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I lived during summer for my entire life, and for me, it is not that exciting anymore. Of course, during summer we have a lot more activities to do, things happening all the time, all day, everywhere, and it is amazing just to have the opportunity to meet with your friends and have fun. But let’s talk about the sun. For the first week is good, you feel that it is finally not so cold anymore and you can enjoy the amazing day outside. Although, after a week you become weak because it is too hot and you sweat too much.

 Being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro made me love and hate summer at the same time. Personally, summer is excellent if you can go to the pool or the beach with your family and friends, and enjoy an amazing day, but not every summer you can have the luxury to do it every day. For example, this summer I am here, studying and taking the next step for my career, and I’m really glad and grateful to have this opportunity, but all I wanted right now was to be in the pool. What I can do however is eat ice cream and do homework. Yet not complaining! 🙂 

Let the summer begin! 

The day I almost lost my life

Today I’m going to tell about one of the most scary and yet important day of my life.

It all started on my way to the beach with my family, we were all happy, walking to the beach. As soon as we got there, a big storm started. The ocean was dark with big waves. My cousins and I, just starting to learn how to surf decided to go in, because the waves was looking good and there was a lot of surfers inside.

All of us having fun, playing and enjoying the moment, not caring about how dangerous the ocean was. At one point, I noticed that my cousins and the others surfers was getting too far away from me, and I started trying to swim back to the sand. The more I swam, more far I would get from the sand. I started to get desperate because I couldn’t see the sand or my family anymore. The only think I could see was the big waves coming, breaking on my head and putting me down, one after another.

After a few minutes, a surfer came and started trying to help me, but we both got stuck, without going any further. Instead, we were getting even more distant. I started crying, but the boy kept talking with me and calming me down.

Time passing by, both of us were getting scared and nervous, when we finally saw two lifeguards coming our direction with their red float. One of them came in my direction, gave me the float and started pulling me back to the sand.

When I started seeing the sand again, I could see my family screaming and crying. When I finally putted my feet on the ground all of them came to me, hugging me and being thankful that I was fine.

After this scary experience I still love the ocean, and I still go to the beach every time I can, but I learned to respect the limits and to respect the ocean. I am glad that I had amazing people to help me, without them, I would not be here today.


Isabella Silveira

New experiences

When I was a kid I had a lot of interest for books and writing. In my hometown, every two years, a big book fair event happened and it was placed in the largest exhibition center in Latin America. There was so many stands and different publishers that we couldn’t walk everything in one day. The books were usually cheaper than in stores, so it was normal to leave the place with three or four bags of books.

As the years passed, my passion for reading and writing became lower and lower. Until I got to the point where I am now, that I don’t remember what was the last time I actually wrote something or read more than one chapter from a book. Although I never had problems writing in school or exams, I don’t consider myself as a writer, or even good at writing.

I always thought about making a blog just to write about myself. As an international students, with parents and family back in Brazil, it’s hard to keep them updated about everything that happens in my life, since I learn something new everyday. Besides, there is time difference, responsibilities and not always we’re both available at the same time.

When I told my family that I was creating a new blog for my English class, and I would have to post regularly about different topics, they were excited and looking forward to see what I am learning and how my English is improved. So I hope that with this new blog assignment, I can enjoy writing and once again, make reading and writing become regular in my life.


Isabella Silveira